The City of Highfall

A traveller approaches the City of Highfall
A traveller approaches Highfall

The City of Highfall was a three-tiered metropolis.  From the ancient High Reach and its cloud-wreathed towers and minarets, this fortified city descended down through the tree-lined avenues of the Middle Reach to the vast conurbation known as the Low Reach which housed most of the city’s burgeoning population.

The slums of the Low Reach

On every corner and entrance to lane or alley, tinkers, beggars and various idlers and conmen made their living. As the sun set, few journeyed abroad. For those that did, the pleasure houses, gambling dens and taverns welcomed their coin, but so, too, did the cut-throats, vagabonds and rogues that loitered in the darkened alleyways.

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