Return to Reality -Part 2 of the Shade of Highfall Series

What is reality? Shrew, a young woman from the slums of the ancient city of Highfall, thought she knew. Her reality was tough and dangerous. She knew her father but her mother was missing, presumed dead.

Then one day her sense of reality was turned upside down when suddenly she was extracted to another world where people called the year 2097.

These people told her she had come out of a fantasy simulation, created by virtual reality, where she had been placed at a young age. Her survival instincts had been honed to support one special mission – to find a new world among the stars that could replace a dying Earth.

But their explanations appeared flawed and Shrew realised she would have to play their game to discover the truth and return home. Meanwhile, others lamented the destruction of Earth, while the ghost of her mother haunted her dreams.

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